LBD 30 Day Challenge - Day 3 & 4

Behind again! Not getting to a great start. 

3. Favorite Male Character

I’m going to go with an underdog here.


I like Mr. Collins much in the same way I like Lydia. He is an obnoxious twat both in the book and here but the series is good about showing that he’s not malicious, just egregiously unaware of his environment. Plus, he is hysterically funny thanks mainly to an endearingly enthusiastic performance from Maxwell Glick. Mr. Collins is one of those characters who is always adapted differently, but the important thing to me is that he captures Austen’s main uses for the character; that he be funny and he be satirical. And with Collins being adapted into a clueless yes man business man, I think the LBD nailed it.


4. Least Favorite Character

Do you even need to ask?


What a tool.

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